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Spotting problems with your water well right away and knowing you have to have it repaired is important. You don't want to wait until problems get worse, and you don't want a malfunctioning well to affect your home and family at all if the situation can be avoided with the help of a quick-acting repair technician. Here are some examples of things that your water well can do if it is starting to have problems: 

Air comes out the tap

If you go to turn on the water and air comes out with the water, then you will know this is happening because it will come out as more of a spatter than a flow of water. This can end up happening for a number of reasons, but it does indicate that there is an issue you should have a repair person look into and take care of. 

Little or even no water is coming from the taps

If you go to turn on the water and you see that little or no water is coming out, then there can be a problem with the well pump that is affecting the water pressure. The water pressure can even be affected to the point where you can't get any water. There are a number of things that can be wrong, and you want to have a contractor come out to fix them. They will be able to determine what is causing the issue with the water pressure and then take care of it for you. 

Sand is in the water

If you see that you have sand in the water, then this will tell you that your well is pumping sand. A reason this may be happening is that the well is being filled with sand, possibly due to the pump being too low in the well or because there is an issue with the screen. When you notice that you do have sand in your water, you want to make sure you have someone come out to fix the well. Not only do you not want to have sand in your water, but this is also very bad for your system because the sand will wear out the pump parts quickly. 

There is a change in the water

Anytime you notice that something is different with the water, then this can mean there are issues going on with the well or the pump. You should always have things looked at by a professional to make sure any problems are fixed and that the water is safe for consumption.

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