Need To Rent A Portable Toilet For Your Wedding? 4 Things To Know

With an outdoor wedding, you can cut back on your decorating budget, as the location will provide much of the needed ambiance. Instead, you can spend some of the money you would have spent on decorations renting nice portable restrooms for your guests.

#1: Rent the Restrooms When You Reserve Your Venue

During the warm weather season, when you are holding your outdoor wedding, there is likely to be lots of other people holding outdoor events. With so many outdoor events going on at the same time, you will want to make sure you get your reservation for a portable restroom trailer in as soon as you can.

That way, you will ensure that you will have nice portable restrooms for your wedding. When you book your venue, find a portable toilet provider and book the toilets you will need for your wedding at the same time.

#2: Go for Restroom Trailers Instead of Simple Toilets

When it comes to a wedding, you want to provide nice accommodations. People will be wearing nice clothing, and you want them to have nice restroom faculties that feel like they are at an indoor wedding. Instead of renting simple portable toilets, rent restroom trailers.

A restroom trailer is designed to feel like a normal restroom, with a separate area for flushable toilets and sinks with running water. These are a little more expensive than basic toilets but will provide you and your guests with a level of luxury you deserve at your wedding.

#3: Plan for Special Needs

Consider who will be attending your wedding. Will anyone be attending who is in a wheelchair or walker? If so, you will want to rent ADA compliant portable restrooms that they will be able to access easily. Will there be lots of families with babies and small children at your wedding?

If so, you may want to rent a family restroom trailer, where there are fold-down changing tables and larger stalls for parents who need to help their children use the restroom. Make sure you have restrooms that are accessible for everyone who will be attending your event.

#4: Verify Hook-Ups

With a portable restroom trailer, you may need some external hookups. You may need to have an external power source, or you may need to rent a generator to power the trailer. Make sure you have the right hookups or can rent the right accessories to power the trailer.

When it comes to your outdoor wedding, you need to provide restrooms for your guests. Consider renting portable restrooms, which will provide your guests with indoor quality restrooms at your beautiful outdoor wedding. Reserve a trailer or two as far in advance as possible, and be sure the trailers you rent will accommodate everyone's special needs.

For more information, reach out to a portable toilet rental service.

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With an outdoor wedding, you can cut back on your decorating budget, as the location will provide much of the needed ambiance. Instead, you can spend