Features To Look For In A Used Portable Restroom Service Truck For Sale

Portable restrooms are always in high demand, and so are the service professionals who take care of them. Your investment in a portable restroom truck can yield you the possibility of a lucrative business operation. Here are a few features to look for in a portable bathroom service truck

The prior owner has kept a good maintenance record for the engine. 

A good maintenance record is important no matter what type of vehicle it is that you are looking to purchase. However, when you are investing in an industry-specific vehicle for use in your business operation, this becomes even more of a pressing matter. Talk to the prior owner or look at what the seller can provide and check for accuracy, consistency, and honesty in the records they make available. 

The truck and its servicing components have obviously been kept clean. 

Any time you are dealing with human waste, cleanliness and proper sanitization are going to be of the utmost importance. Portable restroom trucks are usually outfitted with a few different tanks for removing waste and washing out a unit. There can be a series of hoses and outlet points coming from these tanks. Examine them to spot signs of corrosion and debris, which may indicate the truck's components have not been kept clean through its time in use. 

The vehicle is up to the modern standards of the industry. 

While the service industry for portable restrooms and the trucks used for servicing them have not changed a great deal over the years, the standards can still differ from what they were several years back. Any time you are considering a truck that is more than a few years old, make sure to take the time to examine the vehicle to ensure it is up to code. For example, the Department of Transportation frequently makes changes about where lights should be located on a truck with a service body, so this should be something you look at. 

The truck has relatively low mileage if the engine has not been replaced. 

Most portable restroom service trucks have diesel engines, which can last for hundreds of thousands of miles with proper maintenance. When looking at a used portable bathroom truck, make sure you look at the mileage. If the engine has not been extensively serviced or replaced, it is best to avoid high-mileage trucks unless they are at a lower price point. These trucks may not give you as many years of service. 

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