Importance of Grease Trap Services for Your Restaurant Business

If you own a restaurant or plan to open a restaurant fairly soon, then one of the first things you should focus on is the maintenance of the kitchen's grease trap and making arrangements for its regular cleaning. Food preparation requires the use of various types of food. Menus undoubtedly will contain sizable amounts of grease that should not be allowed to back up in your plumbing system.

What Grease Traps Do

Grease traps ensure that oil, fats, and grease do not enter your restaurant's septic system and the sanitary sewer. Grease traps transport wastewater collections from dishwashers and sinks. The traps serve as a sort of holding tank for fats, oil, grease (FOG) and residual wastewater. Rules govern when the grease traps should be emptied. Your restaurant's traps must be emptied when FOG contents occupy approximately 25 percent of trap space.

Regular Maintenance Of Grease Traps Is Important

You should have regular maintenance provided by a licensed grease trap professional who can regulate when to clean out the trap. Regular maintenance prevents the development of clogged drains and a clogged grease trap. When FOG overflows its capacity, that inevitably leads to backed-up drains and sinks, which create smelly odors. Ideally, the pumping out of your grease traps should be scheduled to take place in a time period between 30 to 90 days. By observing village or town codes, your business will avoid costly fines.

Avoiding Grease Trap Problems And Clogged Drains

There are things you can do to avoid problems with drains and grease collections. Make sure that kitchen staff clear food from used dishes before placing pots, pans and dishes into the dishwasher. They should use a towel to wipe out these objects. That reduces excess amounts of grease and oil from entering the dishwasher and getting into the kitchen's plumbing system.

Do Not Dump Leftover Foods In Kitchen Sinks

Don't wash dishes with left-over foods that you empty into the sink. Scrape food waste into a small dish and place it into a recycling garbage bag. You should not pour grease into kitchen sinks or into toilet bowls. Remember too that although garbage disposals grind waste food into really tiny pieces, those tiny pieces can collect over a period of time and create backup and clogging situations.

Grease Trap Contents

The neat thing about hiring a grease trap company to take care of your restaurant's grease and oil accumulation needs is that the contents removed from the traps have another life when recycled and used for another purpose. That benefits the environment.

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