Can A Septic Tank Be Damaged From Pumping It Too Often?

It's always recommended that you pump your septic tank on a regular basis; however, many homeowners seem unsure about the frequency of pumping. There is no definite time range for pumping that is optimal for every septic tank. This means that every homeowner should figure out the exact pumping frequency they need on their own.

Some homeowners are also worried about the possible negative effects of pumping a septic tank too often. Is it possible to actually damage the septic tank if it's pumped too often?

The Downside of Frequent Pumping

There are two main problems that can arise as a result of pumping your septic tank more often you need to. The first issue is the cost implication. You'll have to pay for the pumping service each time you have the septic tank cleared out. Depending on the size of your septic tank, the charges involved could be significant in the long run.

The other issue with frequent pumping is that it may mean other issues are getting ignored. Although a full septic tank needs to be pumped, it's also important to find out if there is another problem if the tank is filling up faster than it should. If you resort to pumping without addressing the other issues, the underlying issue could be causing further damage to your septic tank.

Understanding the Frequency of Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks are pumped because they become less effective when the sludge and scum buildup is more than the tank is designed to handle. This comes down to the capacity of your septic tank. A large-capacity septic tank can go a lot longer before needing pumping.

However, it's also important to remember that the number of people using the system makes a huge difference. If there are many people consistently using the system, you may need to pump your septic tank more often than you would otherwise need to.

When Pumping Isn't the Solution

If your septic tank is becoming full faster than it used to, you should consider other factors before deciding to just pump it every time it fills up.

If the number of people using the system hasn't gone up, you could be dealing with issues such as infiltration by groundwater or floodwater. The problem can also be solved by septic tank cleaning if the pipes leading to the drain field have become clogged. The bottom line is that you need to bring in an expert, and quick!

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