3 Important Things You Must Know About Your Septic System

Have you been having issues with your bathroom drains? Does it feel like your toilet is getting slower and your sink or tub is constantly clogged? If this sounds like you, it's probably not your imagination that things aren't going well, especially if you have a septic tank. While having a septic system isn't all that different than having a city sewer system, there are still some things that you need to do or to watch for to ensure that your system is healthy and functional. These things include:

Regular pumping: One of the features of a septic system is that it collects the sewage waste in the septic tank instead of sending it to a central sewage plant somewhere else. As the tank starts to fill up with the sewage solids, the drains in your house will become slower and slower. This includes your toilet. If just one drain is having issues, then you probably just need to have that drain looked at by a professional. If multiple drains and/or your toilet are having issues, it's probably time that your septic tank was pumped out and inspected for any potential defects that might have arisen since the last time the tank was pumped out.

Avoid non-biodegradable products: Not all items that can be flushed down the drain should be flushed down the drain. If you flush something inadvisable into a city sewer system, it often becomes someone else's problem to deal with. But when you flush things like cat litter or paper towels into your own septic system, then it becomes your problem to deal with. Anything that doesn't specifically say on the label that it is safe for use with a septic tank could potentially clog the tank or cause damage to the system as a whole. This also includes checking your cleaning products to make sure that they aren't going to cause a future issue.

No large plants: As gross as it might sound to you, sewage is actually full of lots of nutrients that help plants and trees to grow. This can cause an issue if you decide to plant any larger trees or bushes near your septic system in an attempt to disguise the fact that it's there. The roots of many trees and bushes can be quite damaging to both sewer lines and septic systems alike. The smallest leak anywhere along the sewage pipe can allow roots to force their way into the pipe. When this happens, the result is going to be a clogged system, even if you've recently had your tank pumped out. Getting rid of the offending tree or bush can often become a difficult and time-consuming process.

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