Storm Preparation – How To Prevent Your Storm Drain From Becoming Clogged

Be a good neighbor is a common saying. It means having a genuine concern for the well-being of the people around you. Well, you should have the same concern for your street and neighborhood. Read on to find out how to prevent your storm drain from becoming clogged.

What Is Stormwater?

Stormwater comes from rain and melting snow. It flows from paved areas, bare soil and from rooftops. This excess of water occurs when the water does not soak into the ground. This is why you see storm drains lined up and down your street.

A storm drain collects the runoff water from rain and snow to prevent flooding. The rainwater is diverted to a natural body of water. The worst case scenario is the need for a storm drain repair because of the drain becoming clogged. A defective storm drain can lead to broken septic tanks, impassable intersections and flooded basements.

Clean Your Gutters

Rain gutters play an important role in protecting your home. You should never make the mistake of removing them from your structure. A rain gutter helps with directing the rainwater away from your home. To make sure your gutters are effective, you have to clean them on a regular basis. As the weather changes, you can have a buildup of sticks, leaves and other types of debris. This can lead to ice formation and flooding. However, it is best to clean your gutters when autumn rolls around.

Replace The Cover

Most storm drains have covers. A drain cover is designed to filter out large objects by preventing them from entering your drain system. Unfortunately, the covers can get damaged and may need maintenance or to be replaced.

You should check your drain covers to make sure they are working properly. If something is wrong with the covers, then you will need to replace them.

Be Aware When Doing Yard Work

Mowing and raking your yard is part of making your property look neat. Some people make the mistake of putting yard waste into their storm drains. Unfortunately, this leads to the drains becoming clogged over time. A better solution is putting the waste in garbage bags and leaving them for pickup.

You cannot control stormy weather, but preparation can minimize your damages. The weather is different every year. You are going to have more hurricanes some years and less snow. However, you should do everything to make sure your storm drains stay clear. To learn more, contact a company like JPW PROPERTIES , INC

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