Septic-Tank Dangers

Maintaining your septic system is necessary to keep your plumbing working smoothly. Efficient and sanitary disposal of your waste when your home is not hooked up to a municipal sewage system is vitally important. Proper sanitation is not the only concern, however. You need to maintain your septic system to keep your family and neighbors safe. In order to accomplish that task, you need to inspect your system regularly for certain dangers. 

Septic Caps

A weak or broken septic-tank cap can lead to a disaster. In fact, more than a few people, often children, have fallen through weak septic-tank caps, sometimes dying from their injuries. In some instances, the cap may be strong enough but not properly fastened. As a result, you need to check your cap several times a year. Tap on it with a rubber mallet to check for strength and make certain that the cap is firmly attached. Taking just a few minutes to check the cap can prevent a tragedy. 


If your septic tank becomes clogged, it can back up into your basement and through your toilets. If you and your family are exposed to sewage, you can develop a number of illnesses, including giardia, salmonella, E. Coli, hepatitis A, and other potentially harmful and even deadly conditions. If you notice any signs of backup in your basement, call the professionals at once. One way to avoid this complication is to schedule maintenance with your septic-tank specialist. When you have your system pumped regularly, the chances of the system flooding your home are greatly reduced. 

Methane Gas

If you notice excessive sewage odors around your septic tank, you may have a buildup of dangerous methane gas. Methane can explode under certain conditions, and it can also asphyxiate humans when they are overcome with it. If you fear a gas buildup in your septic system, professionals can measure the amount of gas present and take steps to reduce it if necessary. Unless you are an expert, you should never enter a septic tank due to these dangers. 

Septic-tank maintenance is necessary to properly dispose of your sewage, but it is also necessary to keep you and your family safe. A faulty septic tank can be dangerous to you in a number of ways. You should never allow children or pets to play around the septic tank, and if you notice excessive odors or the sign of sewage backup, you need to call your septic-tank maintenance company as soon as possible.

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