Learn What To Do If You Stumble Upon An Old Septic Tank In Your Yard

If you want to give your home more personality, you may want to consider updating the landscaping around the house. If your home is older, you may dig up an area while landscaping and find an old septic tank underground. If you find an old, underground septic tank, it is important to know what to do to dispose of it safely. The guide below walks you through the steps to take when you find an underground septic tank that is no longer being used in your yard.

Contact Your Local Branch of the Environmental Protection Agency

The first thing you need to do is to contact the local branch of the Environmental Protection Agency to have the tank inspected. There could be waste in the tank that could create an environmental hazard if it is not disposed of properly. The agency will send out a crew to test the tank to find out if the tank has anything inside of it that needs to be removed by a hazmat crew. If nothing hazardous is found, you can continue on to the next step. If hazardous material is found, you will need to hire a hazmat team to remove the hazardous waste from the tank before continuing.

Have the Tank Inspected

Once the tank has been determined to not contain any hazardous waste, have a septic company come to inspect the tank. The technician will inspect the tank to determine its stability. If it is deemed to be stable, you could fill it with dirt and leave it where it is. If it is crumbling, you will have to have it removed before you can continue with your landscaping process.

How to Have the Tank Removed

If you need to have the tank removed, it will need to be cut apart and pulled from the ground. The septic company will know the easiest way to take the tank apart and how to dispose of it properly once it is out of the ground.

If you stumble upon the septic tank, you cannot simply cover it back up and pretend that you did not find it. If the tank is damaged in any way, it could cause hazardous gases to leak into the soil and cause toxins to be spread. It is important to make sure to have the tank inspected as soon as you possibly can to ensure that any issues are addressed quickly. 

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