Just Because Sewage Isn't Backing Up Into The Bathtub Doesn't Mean Your Sewer Line Is Clear

If you have sewage backing up into your bathtub, or the water is not draining from your sinks, bathtub, and other fixtures, it is pretty obvious you have a sewer clog. Unfortunately, if it has gotten to this point, and involves more than one room, things are pretty bad. However, just because you do not see this happening, do not assume your sewer line is all clear. Small clogs won't cause a back up, but they will grow into a big clog that will cause major problems if left unattended. Here are a few small things to be on the lookout for to avoid having a big sewer problem.

Reoccurring Clogs

The occasional clog is almost inevitable. In most situations, they can be easily removed with either a plunger or a plumber's snake. However, if you notice that you keep having to deal with clogs in the same grain, chances are there is something else down there you are not clearing out. This partial clog may get pushed further down into the drain and collect more debris as it goes along. If you do not have it taken care of as soon as you realize it might be there, you are putting yourself at risk for some major plumbing work.

Gurgling Sounds

Do not convince yourself that a bit of gurgling coming out of the toilet is just a bit of air and nothing to worry about. The truth is, there should not be any air in your sewer lines. If your toilet is making noises, there is usually a break in the line somewhere that allows air to get into the line. This could be caused by tree roots breaking through the pipe and will be a big job to repair if too much damage is done. A small break may be fixed with a sleeve and no need for a trench. This noise could also be due to the start of a clog. As the water manages to pass through, it sends a wave up through the waiting water until it breaks through the top, cause a gurgle or bubbling sound. If left alone, the clog will get bigger and tighter, until nothing can pass through and you have sewage backing up into your tub, toilet and even the sink.

Don't put your family at risk of disease  because you did not catch a sewer problem early on. If you are ever unsure of any issues with your plumbing, having professional sewer services, such as Jarrach Cesspools, look at your system can put your mind at ease. Catching a small issue before it becomes a health hazard is worth the cost.

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