Caring For Rented Portable Toilets

If you are hosting a large event, having portable toilets on the premises will be a huge benefit in servicing your guests with an area to use facilities. They will be able to use a portable toilet without needing to stray far from the event and you will not be responsible in doing any bathroom cleanup before or after the event. With the benefits a portable toilet provides comes a few safety and maintenance issues you will want to keep on top of for the best possible service. Here are a few tips to use when renting portable toilets so you do not suffer unnecessary downtime or unfavorable conditions.

Keep Close But Not Too Close

Place the toilets in an area far enough away that guests will have some privacy while being close enough they will be easily found. Placing a sign indicating where they are located usually alleviates any questions about placement. The toilets should be within viewing distance from the event but you can cover them slightly by placing them behind some trees or foliage so they are not sticking out for everyone to notice when someone walks over to use one.

Take Weather Into Consideration

When the rental service arrives, point out an area where the ground has stability. If it rains while the event is going on and the toilets are placed in an area prone to mud, they could tip over if they are not anchored properly. Ask the service to use stakes to keep the units safely in the ground if your area is known for high winds.

If you are planning on using units during wintertime, a saltwater toilet is a better choice as freshwater will freeze if temperatures plummet. Be aware that saltwater tends to leave white deposits on the sides of the toilet. This is a normal occurrence. You may want to make a small sign indicating this to put in each restroom so guests are not worried if they see this happen.

Keep Units Fresh For Guests

A portable toilet will be dropped off to the property in a sanitized state. This saves you the trouble of cleaning a bathroom before the event begins. To keep guests happy throughout the event, place an air freshener or basket full of potpourri inside each unit. This will keep the area smelling fresh throughout the duration of the event. Consider renting a unit with running sinks for sanitary reasons. If you opt for units without this feature, make sure an antibacterial lotion is placed in the unit for guests' use.

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