Tips For Siting Portable Toilets Correctly For Your Outdoor Event

Portable toilets are a necessary fixture for most outdoor events. Before renting the toilets, use these tips to make sure you can site them properly for both the safety of your guests and for proper cleaning and emptying.

Tip #1: Create an Access Plan

Access to the portable toilets for upkeep and cleaning should be the main concern. You want to ensure that the sewage disposal company has an access road that takes them to the toilets. The access should be away from the main even in an area that isn't generally open to pedestrians. For many events, this leaves one of two main options. The first is to place the toilets near the main parking lot, perhaps at the side of the lot opposite of the main entrance. If there are parking spaces near this area, cordon them off to prevent parking so that your sewage company can reach the toilets. A second options exists if your site has a back lot or access road. In this case, simply close this area to the public and use it for the toilets and sewage access.

Tip #2: Consider the Landscape

The maintenance of the landscape can be a concern if you are hosting an event in an area that doesn't have a clear spot for portable toilets, such as at a park or private estate. In this case, keep in mind that there may be some landscape damage. Toilets left in place for a long period of time may cause the grass to die beneath them, although this isn't usually an issue for an event that only lasts a few days. Problems can also occur at the doorway to each toilet, where foot traffic combined with water from daily cleaning can create a muddy swamp. Entrance mats with slits in them to allow water to drain through can help prevent this problem.

Tip #3: Level the Site

It's also important to make sure the site is level. This ensures that the toilets are steady and secure so they don't tip over or pose a safety issue. Generally, the site doesn't have to be perfectly level. Your toilet providers can use shims and other leveling tools to fix minor issues. You just don't want to pick site that is on a major slope or that is highly rocky and unlevel.

Tip #4: Keep It Clear

Finally, keep the site clear so that your sewage removal company has easy access for emptying the portable toilets. This means that there should be no parking or storage allowed near the toilets. In winter, make sure that snow is kept cleared from around the toilets and that the access road is kept clear. Contact a company that offers portable toilets, like RCS Inc, for more advice on how to make sure the site is suitable and accessible.

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