Just Because Sewage Isn’t Backing Up Into The Bathtub Doesn’t Mean Your Sewer Line Is Clear

If you have sewage backing up into your bathtub, or the water is not draining from your sinks, bathtub, and other fixtures, it is pretty obvious you have a sewer clog. Unfortunately, if it has gotten to this point, and involves more than one room, things are pretty bad. However, just because you do not see this happening, do not assume your sewer line is all clear. Small clogs won’t cause a back up, but they will grow into a big clog that will cause major problems if left unattended. Here are a few small things to be on the lookout for to avoid having a big sewer problem. Reoccurring Clogs The occasional clog is almost inevitable. In most situations,

3 Things To Know About Septic Systems

Septic systems are the most popular form of waste management for properties that are not connected to a municipal sewer system. There is a slight learning curve for homeowners who have never had a septic system, but with proper maintenance it is pretty easy to live with a septic system. But it is important to understand septic systems and know what is involved. Use the following information to ensure that you are informed about septic systems: Installing a New Septic System If you are purchasing undeveloped land and having a home built, you will have to have a new septic system installed. There are several steps involved in having a new septic tank installed. Typically, you will first have the

3 Things That Will Destroy Your Septic System

Your septic system is an integral part of your home. You depend on it to get all of the wastewater out of your pipes and into the drain field. Oftentimes, people simply expect their system to work. They don’t stop and think about what they could be doing to damage the system and cause problems with their plumbing. To make sure your system doesn’t stop working before its time, here are three things that can end up destroying your system. Cooking Grease Many people think that they can throw cooking grease down their drain because it is a liquid. While grease might be a liquid when you get done using it, the grease will end up turning into a solid